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"Looks like Ike finally stepped on his dick!"

Bradley Mitchum[src]

Ike "The Spike" Stadtler was a notorious hitman, known throughout the Las Vegas criminal underworld. His signature weapon was an ice pick, labeled "Ike's Spike."


Rodney and Bradley Mitchum had an active contract on Stadtler's life.[1]

Stadtler was at a motel recording dice rolls when he received a contract from Duncan Todd, in the form of an envelope containing photographs of Lorraine and Dougie Jones. He visited Lorraine's place of work and stabbed her to death, also killing two of her coworkers in the process. Afterward, Stadtler was visibly upset to realize that his spike had been permanently damaged during the assault.[2]

Later, when Janey-E Jones and Dale Cooper, who was thought to be Dougie at the time, exited the building in which Dougie worked, Stadtler ran through the crowd of people towards the couple. When he got to them, Cooper was immediately able to disarm him, with some help from Janey-E. The arm appeared to Cooper in miniature form, screaming at him to squeeze Stadler's hand off. Unable to take anymore of Cooper's hits, Stadtler fled from the scene. Authorities later came to take statements and investigate the crime scene, and collected a chunk of flesh from Stadtler's hand which had adhered to the handgun.[3]

After this failure, Ike left a message for "J.T." saying "no cigar" and that he was taking medical leave. As he left his motel room with his hand in a cast, he was cornered in the hallway and arrested by Detectives Fusco for attempted murder.[4] After seeing the arrest on a local news broadcast, the Mitchums decided to cancel their hit on him.[1]