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Impressions: A Journey Behind the Scenes of Twin Peaks is a series of behind the scenes short films by Jason S., released as part of Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series and Twin Peaks: From Z to A. Each film follows David Lynch throughout the production of Twin Peaks (2017).

Narrated and scored in an abstract manner by Josef Maria Schäfers, the short films intercut hundreds of hours of footage with new aerial photography of many of the locations, both those used for filming and featured in the series.


The Man with the Gray Elevated Hair
This film focuses particularly on Lynch's meetings with actors – specifically Sheryl Lee, David Patrick Kelly, Nae Yuuki, Grace Zabriskie, Sherilyn Fenn, Kyle MacLachlan, and Laura Dern – and setting up various scenes set in and around Twin Peaks as well as the motel Cooper and Diane visit.
Tell It Martin
This film follows Lynch throughout the shooting of scenes set in Las Vegas. He is seen discussing scenes with actors Sawyer Shipman, Christophe Zajac-Denek, Jim Belushi, and Robert Knepper.
Two Blue Balls
Lynch is followed during the filming of scenes set in South Dakota, Montana, New York, and New Mexico. He meets with actors Matthew Lillard, Cornelia Guest, Benjamin Rosenfield, and Madeline Zima.
The Number of Completion
The film follows Lynch during the filming of scenes set in the Fireman's home, Sheriff Truman's office, and the KPJK radio station. He discusses scenes with actors Joy Nash, Robert Forster, Jim Belushi, Kimmy Robertson, Kyle MacLachlan, Laura Dern, and Robert Broski. Carel Struycken is also briefly featured, practicing his lines.
Bad Binoculars
This film features Lynch directing a rehearsal for an Audrey and Charlie scene, directing scenes featuring Jerry Horne after he leaves the woods, and scenes at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station, both on-location in Washington and on a sound stage in Los Angeles.
See You on the Other Side Dear Friend
This film goes behind the scenes with Lynch during the filming on-location in Philadelphia,

Las Vegas, and South Dakota, directing scenes involving the FBI, Lucky 7 Insurance, Ruth Davenport's apartment, and the doppelganger's car accident.

Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers
In this film, Lynch discusses Tim Roth's role with him and directs the scene taking place in Warden Murphy's office, the doppelganger's first death, Murphy's assassination, the Detectives Fusco learning of Ike's location, and Cooper's hospitalization.
A Bloody Finger in Your Mouth
This film shows the filming of Diane's scene in the red room, the scene at Szymon's Famous Coffees, the Las Vegas FBI office, Rod getting hit by Candie, and the Fuscos' visit to Lucky 7 Insurance.
The Polish Accountant
This film goes behind the scenes with the woodsmen encountering the New Mexico couple, the Jones family, the Las Vegas news broadcast, Ike's arrest, Rodney and Bradley's first meeting with Cooper, and the Polish accountant scene.
A Pot of Boiling Oil
This film shows the filming of a red room scene (during which, Al Strobel tells Lynch of his accident that cost his left arm), scenes in Benjamin Horne's office, Audrey and Charlie scenes, and Cooper's exit from the red room.


Duck Diver Films presents
A Rancho Rosa Partnership Production
Directed by
Jason S.
Produced by
Sabrina S. Sutherland
Jason S.
Photographed by
Jason S.
Additional Photography by
Kristy Koopman
Stefanie Schmid Rincon
Music Composed by
Josef Maria Schäfers
Additional Music by
Ann-Kristin Mayr
Jason Denner
Sound Design by
Claude Sotheby
Dialog Re-recorded and Mixed by
Peter Schultz
Film Edited by
Müller von Schmidt
Narration Written by
Jason S.
Josef Maria Schafers
Vanessa Weiss
Narration Spoken by
Josef Maria Schafers
Story Consultant
Jon Nguyen
Digital Intermediate by
Fotokem Creative Services
Digital Intermediate Colored by
Ismael Salas
Digital Intermediate Produced by
Rob Brodersen
Music Recorded at
Studio Stella Luncke, Berlin