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"Jade give two rides."

Dale Cooper[src]

Jade[note 1] was a Las Vegas sex worker whose clients included Dougie Jones.


Jade was with Dougie one morning in an unsold house and she went to shower after he paid her. As she showered, she heard a loud noise, which happened to be the sound of Dougie being transported to the red room. After her shower, she went out to the living room, where Dale Cooper lay next to a pile of vomit, having replaced Dougie. However, Jade believed him to be Dougie, despite his slightly different appearance.[2]

After his car keys could not be found, she took him to the Silver Mustang Casino and gave him $5 to call for help.[2]

After getting her car detailed, the detailer showed Jade a set of keys to the Great Northern Hotel in Twin Peaks, Washington that she had previously found in Cooper's pocket. Noticing the address on them, she put the keys in a mailbox.[3]


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