Janek Pulaski was the father of Ronette Pulaski, who was present and severely traumatized at the scene of Laura Palmer's murder. He was an employee at the Packard Sawmill.


After being reported missing on the morning of February 24, 1989, following the murder of Laura Palmer, Janek's daughter, Ronette was found in a battered state, walking along a bridge. She was then taken to the hospital, where she remained unresponsive. Following the discovery of his daughter, Janek was escorted by the police from his job.[1]

The next day, Pulaski and his wife were questioned by Deputy Hawk about their daughter. They told him that she worked the perfume counter at Horne's Department Store, with Janek commenting that Ronette described it as "the sweetest-smelling job she'd ever had."[2]



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