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Jean-Michel Renault was a bartender at the Roadhouse.


Jean-Michel, like his relative, Jacques Renault years before, worked closely with a prostitution racket and received a call pertaining to this business concerning two prostitutes he set up clients for who were discovered to be 15 years old. He denied any responsibility and hung up.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Jean-Michel is played by Walter Olkewicz, who previously portrayed Jacques Renault. In an on-set photo and an official promotion picture from Part 7,[2][3] Olkewicz is seen with bandages on his left knee. It is unknown if the character is intended to have the same injury in the series.

Jean-Michel's relationship to Jacques, Jean, and Bernard is unclear, although Jean stated in "Episode 20" that he had no remaining brothers.

Similarly, his relationship with the Renault who murdered Hank Jennings in prison[4] is unknown.