Jonathan Kumagai was an employee of Thomas Eckhardt, sent to Twin Peaks to bring Josie Packard back to Hong Kong.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In March 1989, Jonathan arrived in Twin Peaks, sent by Thomas Eckhardt. From the Great Northern Hotel, he called the Blue Pine Lodge, where Josie Packard lived. Sheriff Harry S. Truman answered, but said Josie was not there and he did not know when she would be back. Jonathan then hung up and placed a call to Hong Kong.[1]

The next two days at the hotel, he kept a watchful eye on FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.[2][3]

Soon, he watched through a window at the Blue Pine Lodge at Sheriff Truman and Josie becoming intimate.[4]

The following day, he was introduced to Pete Martell as Josie's cousin. When Pete went to get him coffee, they discussed the distribution of the Packard Sawmill's land and that they were expected in Hong Kong in two days by Eckhardt. He also asked about the Sheriff being an obstacle.[4]

He went to the Double R Diner later in the evening, where he roughed up Hank Jennings.[4]

Two days later, Jonathan buckled his belt after sleeping with Josie and told her to pack for Hong Kong, but she said she had not received her money yet. He threatened to kill Sheriff Truman if she did not leave for Hong Kong.[5]

He took Josie's bags outside later in the evening.[5] After their arrival in Seattle, Josie murdered Jonathan with three gunshots to the back of the head.[6]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Jonathan's last name Kumagai (熊谷, literally "bear valley") is actually of Japanese origin. It's a common last name and is also transliterated as Kumagae.

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