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Miss Jones was Thomas Eckhardt's assistant.


Jones arrived in Twin Peaks with Eckhardt in March 1989, after he located his object of obsession, Josie Packard.[2]

Following Eckhardt's murder and Josie's subsequent death, Jones went to Catherine Martell to expedite the transport of Eckhardt's body back to Hong Kong. However, Catherine accused her of ulterior motives and Jones said she brought a gift. With a gun aimed at her, Jones slowly pulled out a black box "from Thomas." She wished Catherine luck and left.[3]

In the evening, she went to the Bookhouse, where Sheriff Harry S. Truman — Josie's lover — was staying. She incapacitated a Bookhouse Boy guarding the house and went to Truman, who was sleeping and she got into bed with him.[3]

She put a hallucinatory liquid on Truman's lips and her own and kissed him. After he said Josie's name, she proceeded to attempt to strangle him with a garrote. However, the sheriff was able to overpower her and knock her out. He took her into custody and she requested to speak to the South African consulate.[1]