Josh, Rick, and Tim were a group of young Canadian men who met Laura Palmer and Donna Hayward on two occasions in 1984.

On October 12, the men met Laura and Donna at the Bookhouse and gave them marijuana. The girls identified themselves to them as Bernice and Trisha and that they were on a tour called "Round About the Woods." After dancing, the girls left to "meet their tour bus."[1]

On October 20, they encountered the girls again and took them out to the woods, sharing a bottle of alcohol. Laura danced for the men until Donna suggested they go skinny-dipping. Josh and Rick stayed with Laura, fondling and kissing her, as Tim spent his time with Donna and kissed her.[1][2]

The men soon parted from Laura and Donna. Although Tim and Donna exchanged phone numbers,[1] they never met again. Donna would state in 1989 that her experience with Tim was the first time she fell in love.[2]

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