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"The Norwegians are leaving!"[src]

Julie Duvic was a concierge at the Great Northern Hotel in February 1989.


On the morning of February 24, 1989, Julie informed Leland Palmer that he had received a phone call from his wife. As he was on the phone, Sheriff Harry S. Truman came to the hotel in search of Leland. Julie pointed him to Leland so he could deliver the news that Leland's daughter, Laura, was dead.[1]

Later, co-worker Bob told Julie to not inform the visiting Norwegian businessmen – who had come to sign a development deal with hotel owner Benjamin Horne – of Laura's death. Sitting next to her, Audrey Horne poked a pencil into a styrofoam cup of coffee and asked what would happen if she pulled it out. Julie said she wouldn't dare, but Audrey did anyway, spilling coffee all over Julie's desk. Audrey then left to check out the Norwegians' smorgasbord, while Julie mopped up the mess and called after her.[1]

Minutes later, in a panic, Julie shouted repeatedly that the Norwegians were leaving, as Ben desperately tried to convince them to remain and sign the deal as planned.[1] She later told Horne that Audrey had wandered into the Norwegians' conference room just before they decided to leave en masse.[2]

The character, credited as "Hotel Employee," was named for the pilot's location manager Julie Duvic, as seen on her name tag.