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Ken is a man who goes to FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper while searching for his missing wife, Asami.

Biography[edit | edit source]

After his wife disappeared, Ken went to the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, where he sought Dale Cooper's help in finding her. He showed Cooper a postcard he received from her, as well as two items found in her room after her disappearance: a photo of her and a deer head. Cooper then suggested they think about this over a coffee. Lucy Moran and Andy Brennan brought in coffee, but Cooper rejected their coffee for a can of Georgia Coffee. Ken then asked about the deer head, and Cooper noticed a symbol on it that would lead them to Big Ed's Gas Farm.[1]

Ken and Cooper went to the Gas Farm, where they find Asami's car, a Von Singer Vibel. In the front seat was a triangle of red snooker balls. They went to the Double R Diner, where Shelly Johnson offered them coffee, only to be rejected by Cooper's preference for Georgia Coffee. Shelly then gives him an origami swan, saying that "a beautiful woman" left it there for him.[2]

As Cooper analyzed the swan, he found the letter 'G' on it, making him suggest they have some Georgia Coffee. When Andy connected pins on a map, Hawk identified the location as Glastonbury Grove.[3]

Ken and Cooper traveled to the grove, where Cooper entered the Black Lodge and recovered Asami. Ken embraced her and they celebrated over Georgia Coffee.[4]

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