A slots-addicted old woman met Dale Cooper at the Silver Mustang Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Following her gambling addiction, the woman lost her home and her relationship with her son, Denver. Disheveled and malnourished, she frequented the slot machines at the Silver Mustang Casino.[1]

One September, Dale Cooper showed up at the casino and, dazed and confused, began imitating the patrons and playing slots with quarters the cashier had given him. On his first try, he won a Mega-Jackpot, while the old woman stared at him in envy. He pointed at the machine next to hers, but she angrily muttered at him and gave him the finger, then did the same to the camera mounted on the ceiling above her.[1]

After Cooper won another jackpot nearby, she rushed to the machine he had pointed at and played a game, which also resultd in a jackpot. She cheered and clapped, ecstatic.[1]

Now calling Cooper "Mr. Jackpots," she sought his advice on which machine to play, and won yet another game. She jumped up and down, thanking him effusively.[2]

The woman used her winnings to rehabilitate herself, buying a house and a small dog and reconciling with Denver. Days later, while at Santino's with her son, she was delighted to run into Cooper at Santino's, where he was dining with the casino's owners Rodney and Bradley Mitchum. Nearly moved to tears, she explained how she had turned her life around and said she owed him everything. She then said to Mitchums that she hoped they knew what a special person they were dining with.[3]

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