Lena Fraser was a college love interest of Dale Cooper.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Cooper first mentioned Lena on July 1, 1975 and stated that she shared his love for coffee.[1]

Despite her interest in him, Lena told the sexually-frustrated Cooper that she had taken a vow to celibacy until she had come to terms with her mother. The two eventually went to Hershey to visit her parents, where Lena revealed that the reason she had ill feelings toward her mother was because her mother slept with her last boyfriend hours after meeting him.[1]

Later in the night, as her mother came upon Dale, Lena started a fire in the home.[1]

On the way back to Haverford, Cooper smelled gasoline and stopped the car to investigate, then discovered that the source of the smell was Lena's clothes. The two had a sexual encounter, during which, the car's parking brake slipped and the car hurtles toward a herd of cattle and did not stop until the radiator was punctured by a bull.[1]

Days later, Dale received a call from Lena's mother, informing him that Lena had been checked into a hospital to undergo psychiatric evaluation. Two days later, he visited her and they talked for half an hour, but she did not remember who he was.[1]

Upon her release from the hospital, Lena still had mental troubles and seemed to believe that Cooper was her brother, Todd.[1]

Cooper received a letter from her the next Christmas, telling him that she was better and had married her high school sweetheart.[1]

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