Lil was a woman identified by Gordon Cole as his cousin, who through a particular interpretive dance briefed Chester Desmond on what to expect during his investigation into the death of Teresa Banks.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Following the murder of Teresa Banks in February 1988, Lil danced for Special Agents Chester Desmond and Sam Stanley at a private airport in Portland. The dance served as a briefing for them:

  • She wore a sour face, meaning that Desmond would have problems with the local authorities; they would not be receptive to the FBI.
  • Both of her eyes were blinking, which meant that there would be trouble higher up.
  • She had one hand in her pocket, meaning local authorities were hiding something.
  • Her other hand was made into a fist, indicating that the local authorities were likely to be belligerent and aggressive.
  • She is walking in place meaning that there would be a lot of legwork involved in the investigation.
  • Cole stated that Lil was his "mother's sister's girl." Missing in that sentence was the word "uncle"; this was then elaborated on when Cole placed four fingers in front of his eyes like prison bars. This meant that the sheriff's uncle was in prison.
  • Her dress had been tailored (with different-colored thread) to fit Lil, this being a code for drugs being involved with the investigation.
  • Pinned to the dress was a blue rose.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • By pure coincidence, Lil's actress, Kimberly Ann Cole, shares her surname with Gordon Cole.

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