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Listening Post Alpha was a secret U.S. Air Force facility located outside Twin Peaks, Washington on Blue Pine Mountain devoted to studying paranormal activity both local and extraterrestrial, working under the direction of Major Garland Briggs.


In early 1983, Philip Jeffries accompanied Gordon Cole to Twin Peaks, supposedly in order to investigate the construction of the Listening Post Alpha facility by the U.S. Air Force on Blue Pine Mountain that Mayor Dwayne Milford and a number of locals were concerned about. Milford's concerns were allayed after a "thorough" investigation determined the facility was part of the new "Star Wars" defense program.[1]

Listening Post Alpha was actively engaged in a mission to locate the White Lodge well into the 1980s under the direction of Major Garland Briggs and his superior, Colonel Calvin Reilly. This endeavor was considered a matter of national security.[2]

After learning of the death of Douglas Milford, which occurred three days before, Briggs went to Listening Post Alpha, where he received one final message from Milford, written the night Briggs disappeared. The message contained Milford's regrets involving their work, a warning that the government had not been on the level with either of them, and his speculations on the nature of the Black Lodge and the encounters both he and Briggs had experienced with it, but he ultimately urged Briggs to continue the work.[1]

In the early hours of March 28, 1989, Briggs went to Listening Post Alpha on his own, intending to send a 'MAYDAY' signal.[1] The next day, Briggs was reported to have died in a fire at the station, although his body was not found.[3]

After one of his disappearances, Briggs explained that his station was working to locate the White Lodge, and that he believed he had been taken there during his disappearance.[2]