"She's a worrier."

Lorraine was a woman hired to assassinate Dougie Jones.


In September 2016, Lorraine hired Gene and Jake to kill Dougie at the Rancho Rosa property development, but they were unsuccessful. When they reported in, Lorraine screamed at them that they were going to get her killed. She then sent a message solely containing the character "2" to a recipient named "ARGENT" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A black device in a bowl beeped twice in response to her signal.[1]

Duncan Todd took out a contract with Ike "The Spike" Stadtler to kill Lorraine. At her workplace, just after she learned about Dougie's car exploding at the empty house, Stadtler ran into her office and stabbed her to death with an ice pick.[2]

Behind the scenes Edit

Every appearance of Lorraine onscreen (even her photograph) is accompanied by BluntedBeatz's "I Am (Oldschool HipHop Beat)." It is unclear if this is simply on the soundtrack, as the song carries over the telephone in the conversation between her and Gene.

While unconfirmed, Lorraine is presumably the woman whom Duncan Todd refers to in "Part 2," when he tells Roger to convey that "she's got the job."

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References Edit

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