Louie "Birdsong" Budway was a desk clerk at the Great Northern Hotel.


In March 1989, she told her boss, Benjamin Horne and Norma Jennings—owner of the Double R Diner of the impending arrival of food critic M.T. Wentz.[1]

Later, she checked an Asian man into the hotel, believing him to be the critic.[1]

The following day, she told Ben over the phone that the Asian man, Mr. Tojamura, was paying a visit.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Budway was played by American actress Bellina Martin Logan, who also appeared as a female doctor in Twin Peaks: The Return.

She later appeared as Woman With No Name in Mark Frost and David Lynch's On the Air. She also filmed scenes as Beany Thorn in Lynch's Wild at Heart, but the scenes were deleted.