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Mandie and Sandie, along with their companion Candie, were personal assistants to casino owners Rodney and Bradley Mitchum.


Like Candie, the girls wore pink cocktail waitress uniforms and constantly attended to the Mitchum brothers, both at home and at the Silver Mustang Casino.[1]

The girls joined the Mitchums as they disciplined Burns for allowing the unidentified "Mr. Jackpots" to make off with several hundred thousand dollars at the slot machines. They leaned disinterestedly against a wall as Rodney beat the man.[2]

One night, Mandie and Sandie prepared martinis for the Mitchums as they watched the news on television. Sandie tried to console Candie as she wept, but was pushed away, and shrugged at Rodney.[1]

They leaned against the wall in the surveillance room as Anthony Sinclair arrived to break some important news to the Mitchums regarding their insurance claim.[1]

The next evening, Mandie and Sandie joined the Mitchums and Dale Cooper at Santino's after being delayed in traffic, where they brought the men more pie at their request.[3]

The girls performed a conga line through the Lucky 7 Insurance office with Cooper and the Mitchums, delivering gifts to Bushnell Mullins as thanks for honoring their original insurance claim.[4]

When Cooper fell into a shock-induced coma, the Mitchums' entourage brought finger sandwiches and a giant bouquet to his hospital room. Afterwards, they all visited the Jones home to restock the kitchen.[5]

The girls accompanied the Mitchums and Cooper in the limousine as Cooper explained that he needed to get to the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department.[5]