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"I would sit at the keyboard, and David would sit in a comfy chair, and we would go back and forth. You throw your minds up toward the ceiling, and they meet somewhere near the light fixtures. The script becomes written by a third party. The author is someone called Lynch-Frost."[src]

Mark Frost is an American novelist, television/film writer, director, and executive producer who co-created Twin Peaks with David Lynch.

Absent from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Frost returned as a writer for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks and is the author of the books The Secret History of Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier. He was additionally part of The Secret History of Twin Peaks' audiobook cast.

He also made a cameo appearance in Episode 8 of Twin Peaks as news reporter Cyril Pons on the TV in Shelly Johnson's hospital room, reporting the fire at the Packard Sawmill. He reprised the role in Part 15.

His first work was for The Six Million Dollar Man and his work became famous in the seminal 1980s TV show Hill Street Blues for which he wrote scripts for season 3 and was the story editor of seasons 4 and 5. His other TV credits include On the Air, which he co-created with Lynch. He co-wrote and directed the film Storyville, co-wrote Fantastic Four and wrote The Greatest Game Ever Played (based on his novel of the same name).

He is a long-time friend of Charles Haid who portrayed Ofc. Andy Renko on Hill Street Blues. Years before this show's creation, they used to role play two characters they invented in the Haid's ranch in California. Frost's character was Denver Bob Hobbes and Haid's was Wayne Charlie Chance, which became a big influence in writing the Andy Renko character.[1]

He wrote the novels The List of Seven and its sequel The Six Messiahs with the later being the first official appearance of a character named Denver Bob Hobbes. Lynch owns the rights for the film adaptation of The List of Seven.

He is the son of actor Warren Frost, brother of writer Scott Frost, father of Travis Frost and brother-in-law of Rick Giolito through his sister Lindsay Frost.


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