May 2 is the 122nd day of the year (123rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.

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  • 1968Marie Schlurman tells Dale Cooper that she cannot see him anymore until he is older. He follows her after school and sees her kissing Daren Seedler outside Duva's Cafe.[1]
  • 1970 – Cooper dictates his first poem for English class, seeking a balance between "the erotic and the sublime."[1]
  • 1984[2] – Cooper receives flowers from Diane and a box of doughnuts from Mr. Baldini after first killing someone in the line of duty. That evening, he joins Windom Earle for a chess game. Caroline, privately, tells him she hopes the experience will not affect him the way it did her husband.[1]
  • 1986[2] – Cooper and his father take a detour on their road trip to visit Hannibal, the birthplace of Mark Twain. In light of his father's frequent need to urinate, Cooper suggests he see a doctor when he gets home.[1]

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