Megan was a resident of Twin Peaks, Washington, and the daughter of Tina.


Megan and Tina witnessed Billy jumping a fence and running into their house, bleeding from the nose and mouth. Billy apparently held his head in the sink for a few moments and then ran out again, the episode lasting no more than ten seconds.[1]

Later, at the Roadhouse, Megan met up with Sophie, who warned her that she needed to stay away from "the nuthouse" and stop taking drugs. Sophie jokingly asked where she had stolen her sweater, and Megan said she had borrowed it from Paula. Sophie, offhandedly, asked if Megan had seen Billy recently, and Megan told her about the incident, becoming disturbed to realize she couldn't remember if her uncle had also been there at the time. Sophie asked Megan what her mother's name was again, and she responded that it was Tina. They were then interrupted by the Roadhouse MC announcing Lissie's performance.[1]



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