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Montana was a state in the Northwestern region of the United States. It was bordered by Idaho to the west, Wyoming to the south, North Dakota and South Dakota to the east, and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to the north.[1]


Captain Meriwether Lewis' Masonic apron was returned to his mother and passed down through her descendants before finally winding up on display at the Masonic Foundation of the Grand Lodge in Helena, Montana.[2]

Colonel Nelson Miles at Fort Keogh was instrumental in the surrender of Chief Joseph in the Bear Paw Mountains of Montana.[2]

In 1947, Charles Dahl went missing for five days until he called his father from a motel in Missoula, Montana claiming he had no idea how he'd gotten there.[2]

In August 1979, Major Garland Briggs sighted a UFO over the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana as the copilot of an F4 Phantom.[2]

At a little town in Montana, near Great Falls, Ed Hurley asked Nadine Butler to marry him. [3]

Maddy Ferguson lived with her parents in Missoula, Montana.[4]

On February 9, 1988, the night Teresa Banks was murdered, Leo Johnson was in a jail in Hungry Horse, Montana, what served him as an alibi.[3]

Western Montana

According to Leo Johnson, he was in Butte, Montana on February 23, 1989, the night before Laura Palmer was found dead. [5] In reality, Leo had been at Jacques Renault's cabin with Laura and Ronette Pulaski[6]

In 2016, in western Montana was located a farm on which Dale's Doppelganger killed Ray Monroe. [7]


Public attractions[]

  • Bear Paw Mountains
  • Bitterroot Mountains
  • Great Falls

Behind the scenes[]

The original script of Episode 1 states, that Norma Jennings have a cousin named Sue who runs a beauty shop in downtown Butte, Montana[8].



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