Nancy O'Reilly was the sister of Blackie O'Reilly and the lover of Jean Renault.


After being thrown out from One Eyed Jacks, Nancy brought Laura her clothes and money that was owed to her stuffed inside a pumpkin.[1]

Blackie introduced Nancy to Emory Battis while she clung to Jean's side and threatened Emory when Jean requested he bring him Special Agent Dale Cooper. Her and Blackie didn't get a long and she wanted Nancy to go back North, presumably where she hailed from. [2]

With Jean, she plotted to kill her sister.[3]

She later encountered Dale Cooper, who restrained her and commanded her to take him to Audrey Horne. She did so and drew a knife when he went to the bed. She prepared to stab him, but he subdued her.[3]

When asked on Twitter if it can be assumed that Nancy is still planning revenge against Cooper for killing Jean Renault, Galyn Görg replied "Yes.....!!!!!! 👠🔪🔪😊".[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Although Galyn Görg is credited in "Episode 8", she doesn't appear.



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