Nancy O'Reilly was the sister of Blackie O'Reilly and the lover of Jean Renault.

Biography[edit | edit source]

After being thrown out from One Eyed Jacks, Nancy brought Laura her clothes and money that was owed to her stuffed inside a pumpkin.[1]

Blackie introduced Nancy to Emory Battis while she clung to Jean's side and threatened Emory when Jean requested he bring him Special Agent Dale Cooper. Her and Blackie didn't get a long and she wanted Nancy to go back North, presumably where she hailed from. [2]

With Jean, she plotted to kill her sister.[3]

She later encountered Dale Cooper, who restrained her and commanded her to take him to Audrey Horne. She did so and drew a knife when he went to the bed. She prepared to stab him, but he subdued her.[3]

When asked on Twitter if it can be assumed that Nancy is still planning revenge against Cooper for killing Jean Renault, Galyn Görg replied "Yes.....!!!!!! 👠🔪🔪😊".[4]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Although Galyn Görg is credited in "Episode 8", she doesn't appear.

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