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The "New" Fat Trout Trailer Park was a trailer park, the second of that name, located in or near Twin Peaks, Washington and managed by Carl Rodd.


Between 1988 and 2016, the original Fat Trout, located in Deer Meadow, was relocated to a new site close to Twin Peaks.[1][2]

It is unclear whether the new park is actually in Twin Peaks or still in Deer Meadow, which itself was stated in The Secret History of Twin Peaks to be a nearby community.

Bill, one of the tenants, offered residents rides into town most mornings in his van.[2] Another tenant, Kriscol, performed unpaid maintenance work at the park while selling his own plasma to make rent, until Rodd intervened and told him to start charging for his labor instead.[3]

Steven and Becky Burnett, a married couple living at the park, began having loud and abusive confrontations, disturbing the other residents.[4] One day, Rodd witnessed Becky steal her mother Shelly's car, flinging Shelly off the hood when she tried to stop her. Alarmed, Rodd rode back into town with Shelly in Bill's van and helped her contact Becky's father Bobby.[5]

While walking his dog in the woods behind the trailer park, resident Cyril Pons encountered Steven, suicidal and brandishing a handgun, along with Gersten Hayward. Retreating in fear, Pons reported the matter to Carl, pointing out Steven's trailer.[6]

Notable residents[]