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Nicholas "Nicky" Needleman was a mischievous orphaned boy who came under the care of Dick Tremayne through the Happy Helping Hand program. He was used by both Dick and Andy to prove which of them would make a more suitable father to Lucy's baby.


Needleman was conceived from a rape and his immigrant mother died in childbirth. He was eventually adopted by a loving couple, but his adoptive parents perished in a car accident when he was six.[1]

In March 1989, Dick Tremayne brought Nicky to the Twin Peaks sheriff's station and was introduced to Deputy Andy Brennan. Dick wished to take Nicky for a malted with Lucy, but she was at the Great Northern Hotel helping prepare for the wedding of Dougie Milford and Lana Budding, so Andy went with them instead.[2]

They went to the Double R Diner, where Nicky got a malted, from which he blew whipped cream into Dick's face. When Andy stood to get a napkin, Nicky spun his stool, causing him to fall when he sat back down.[2]

The next day, as Dick tried to work on one of the wheels on his car, Nicky turned the steering wheel, turned on the windshield wipers, and honked the horn. When he sprayed the windshield, Dick told him to get out of the car. He walked away and the wheel fell off the car, which scared him. He hugged Dick, thankful that he was alive.[3]