"No Stars" was a song by singer Rebekah Del Rio


In late 2016, Del Rio performed "No Stars" at the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks, Washington.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"No Stars" was written by Rebekah Del Rio, David Lynch, and John Neff in 2001, and appeared on Del Rio's 2011 studio album Love Hurts Love Heals. The song was featured in "Part 10" of Twin Peaks (2017) and appeared as track 11 on Twin Peaks (Music From The Limited Event Series). The version used in the series appears to have been pitch-corrected.


My dream is to go
To that place
You know the one
Where it all began
On a starry night (x2)
When it all began

You said hold me
Hold me, hold me
Don't be afraid (x2)
We're with the stars

I saw them in your eyes
En tus palabras
Y en tus besos, tus besos
Debajo de una noche
Na llena de estrellas
Under the starry night
Long ago
But now it's a dream

Yo vi, en tus ojos
Yo vi, las estrellas
Pero ya no hay, ya no hay
Pero ya no hay, ya no hay

No stars (x2)
Ya no hay estrellas
No stars (x6)
Ya no hay estrellas
No stars (x6)


Written by David Lynch, John Neff, Rebekah Del Rio
Performed by Rebekah Del Rio
Published by Baja Basement Music Publishing and Bobkind, Inc.