October 2 is the 275th day of the year (276th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.

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  • 2016
    • 2:00 a.m. PSTDale Cooper's doppelganger arrives with Richard Horne at a location near Twin Peaks, the coordinates given to him by Ray and Phillip Jeffries. He directs Richard to climb up on a large rock to see what happens at that spot, and Richard disintegrates in a blast of electricity. Jerry Horne witnesses the incident from a nearby hill. Cooper sets a text message to send to Diane Evans once he reacquires service.[1]
    • Cooper's doppelganger drives toward Twin Peaks.[2]
    • Morning – While the other prisoners sleep, Chad Broxford attempts to escape with a hidden key, but the drunk awakens, stopping him.[2]
    • Chantal and Gary Hutchens park outside 25140 Lancelot Court, waiting for Dougie to appear. They watch as agents Randall Headley and Wilson knock at the door, only to receive no answer. Headley leaves for Dougie's office while Wilson parks down the street.[1]
    • Janey-E and Sonny Jim Jones sit by Dale Cooper's hospital bed. Bushnell Mullins and Rodney and Bradley Mitchum arrive to pay respects and bring food, then the Mitchums leave to restock Dougie's home. Bushnell hears that the FBI asked for Dougie at the office.[1]
    • Chantal and Hutch watch curiously as the Mitchums' entourage enters the house. A Polish accountant pulls up and asks them to move their car, and they angrily tell him to leave. The man drives into their van attempting to move it, and a gun battle ensues. Both Hutch and Chantal are killed, while the accountant is arrested by Agent Wilson and his partner.[1]
    • Mullins is lured out of Cooper's room by a ringing tone. Mike appears and Cooper suddenly sits up, fully awake and cognizant. He takes the ring from Mike and gives him a hair so that Mike can manufacture "another one." Janey-E and Sonny Jim return, shocked to find him awake, as Cooper begins checking himself out of the doctor's care. He gives Mullins a message for Gordon Cole if he should call and thanks him for his kindness. He drives the family to the Silver Mustang Casino, arranging to fly on the Mitchums' jet to Spokane.[1]
    • Cooper's text is received by Diane Evans, triggering a subconscious order. She texts him a set of numbers and visits with Gordon Cole, finally revealing what happened to her when Cooper visited her years ago. As she speaks, she grows increasingly terrified, repeating that she isn't herself, then takes out a revolver. Albert Rosenfield and Tammy Preston shoot her, causing her to vanish from the room.[1]
    • Mike tells Diane that she was manufactured, before she disintegrates, leaving a gold seed.[1]
    • The Joneses arrive at the casino. Cooper takes Dougie's family aside and says he has to leave for a while, but that they made his heart so full. Distraught, sensing that he isn't Dougie anymore, thanks him and begs him to come home.[1]
    • In the limousine, Cooper tells the Mitchums about his real identity and his pressing need to get to the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department.[1]
    • Cole briefs Tammy and Albert on Judy and the plan he made years ago with Cooper and Major Briggs. Agent Headley calls to report that Cooper (going by Dougie Jones) was at a Las Vegas hospital but just left. Mullins gives Cole a message: Cooper is heading to the Twin Peaks sheriff's station and the time is 2:53, adding up to ten, the number of completion.[2]
    • The doppelganger arrives at the portal near Jack Rabbit's Palace and disappears. He appears, caged, in mid-air inside the Fireman's theater, where the Fireman and Garland Briggs are waiting. The doppelganger is sent through the tube and appears on the road leading to the sheriff's station.[2]
    • Seeing him, Andy Brennan greets him as Dale Cooper, and happily invites him inside. Cooper greets Lucy and Frank Truman, and joins Frank in his office. Suddenly remembering something, Andy runs downstairs to the holding area.[2]
    • Chad finds a moment to escape, and breaks into the supply locker nearby. He holds Andy at gunpoint, preparing to shoot him, before Freddie punches open his cell door, knocking Chad unconscious. Andy takes Freddie, James Hurley, and Naido upstairs.[2]
    • While they are talking, the real Dale Cooper calls to announce he is minutes away. The doppelganger, sensing suspicion, attempts to shoot Truman, but Lucy appears in the doorway and shoots him first. Hawk runs into the room, stunned, but Frank warns him to stay away from the body.[2]
    • Cooper races into Frank's office, followed by the Mitchums and Andy's group. Everyone watches as several woodsmen appear and work on the dead Cooper, causing BOB to emerge from his chest and float into the air. The orb attacks Cooper, and then engages Freddie, trading blows. Finally, Freddie punches BOB and causes him to shatter, the pieces floating toward the ceiling. Cooper places the gold rind on his double's finger, causing both to disappear.[2]
    • Bobby Briggs and the three FBI agents arrive, greeting Cooper. Cooper tells Bobby that his father foresaw all that has happened today, then asks Sheriff Truman for the Great Northern Hotel key he received in the mail. Suddenly, Naido rushes forward and approaches Cooper, touching her palm to his. Moments later, she is replaced by Diane Evans, who kisses Cooper and says that she remembers "everything." Both of them notice the clock on the wall is trapped at 2:53. Cooper tells everyone assembled that some things will change, and that he hopes to see all of them again. The room falls into darkness, as Cooper and Cole call to one another.[2]
    • Cooper, Cole, and Diane arrive at the unmarked door in the Great Northern's basement, which Cooper unlocks with the key. He tells them not to follow, and promises to see them at the curtain call.[2]
    • Cooper steps through, arriving above a convenience store, where Phillip Gerard leads him down a hallway to the Dutchman's Lodge, and then to Phillip Jeffries. Cooper tells him to find the date February 23, 1989, and Jeffries obliges, saying that "this" is where he can find Judy. As electricity surges, Cooper arrives in the Twin Peaks woods on that night.[2]

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