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Odessa was a city in Texas where Dale Cooper arrived after crossing, where he found Carrie Page.


Cooper reached Odessa, finding a coffee shop called Eat at Judy's. He went inside and asked the waitress serving him if there was another one who worked there, but he was told that it is the other waitress's day off. He spotted a group of men harassing the waitress and advises them to stop. They threatened him and he incapacitated two of them from his seat and had the other stand down. He had the waitress give him the other waitress's address as he placed the guns belonging to the men in the deep fryer, warning the staff that the heat could set off the guns. He left with the address.[1]

He went to the waitress's home, spotting a utility pole outside with a number "6" attached to it. He knocked on the door and the waitress resembling Laura Palmer opened it, confused about his calling her Laura. She told him her name was Carrie Page, but he insists that she was Laura, and offers to take her home in Twin Peaks. Having already been needing to leave town, she agreed to go with him. As she got ready to leave, Cooper went inside, seeing a dead man on the couch and a white figurine of a horse.[1]


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