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Pale horse (FWWM)

The horse appeared on the night of Laura's murder.

A pale horse sometimes appeared in visions to Sarah Palmer.


In 1956, a woodsman repeated an following incantation on KPJK's airwaves:

"This is the water
And this is the well.
Drink full and descend.
The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within."

Listening at home, a young girl lost consciousness, leaving her vulnerable to a frog-like creature. After the woodsman left the radio station, a horse was heard neighing in the distance[1].


The horse appeared on the night of Maddy's murder.

Pale horse (part 2)

The horse outside the Red room

A white horse briefly materialized in Sarah Palmer's room on the night of February 22, 1989, as Sarah lay in bed, having just been drugged by her husband Leland. This occurred just as Leland was preparing to molest their daughter, Laura[2].

The following month, Sarah crawled through the house, trying to maintain consciousness. She was shocked to see the horse appear in their living room just before she passed out on the floor. While she was unconscious, Leland (controlled by BOB) attacked and beat their niece Maddy Ferguson to death[3].

While Dale Cooper was trapped in the red room, the curtains lifted as if in a strong wind to reveal a white horse standing in the distance[4].

After crossing, Cooper spotted a kiddie ride of a white horse outside Eat at Judy's in Odessa, Texas. A waitress at the diner, Carrie Page, had a small white horse figurine in front of a blue plate sitting on her mantelpiece[5].

Behind the scenes[]

In the script for "Episode 14" and the accompanying Log Lady introduction, the horse is referred to as "pale horse," while in the script of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me it is called a "white horse."

In the documentary Lynch (One), David Lynch recounts being deeply affected by a scene in the French slaughterhouse documentary Blood of the Beasts, in which a tall and majestic white horse is abruptly slaughtered and its blood collected in a square box.