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The Palm Deluxe Hotel was a hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


On February 9, 1988, Phillip Jeffries checked in the hotel and inquired about Judy with the desk clerk, who told him that "the young lady" had left a letter for him. The bellhop took Jeffries' suitcase and accompanied him upstairs.[1]

On the way upstairs, the bellhop saw Jeffries disappear without explanation. A short time later, he reappeared with a loud report in a hotel stairwell right next to a maid and the terrified bellhop, who defecated himself. As Jeffries screamed and doubled over, the man inched forward and asked where Jeffries had gone, before screaming for help in Spanish.[1]

In 2017, a search of Jeffries' hotel room at the Palm Deluxe revealed that the word "JOUDY" had been carved into the wall behind the telephone. The phrase was hidden beneath wallpaper when the room was remodeled in 1997.[2]



  • Harpist

Behind the scenes[]

Scenes in the hotel were filmed at the former St. Cabrini Hospital at 967 Boren Ave in Seattle, Washington. This was the same location used for the FBI office in Philadelphia.[3]