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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.
Not to be confused with Pilot or Episode 1.

"Part 1" is the first episode of the 2017 series of Twin Peaks, the thirty-first episode of the franchise as a whole. It originally aired on May 21, 2017 and was screened alongside Part 2 as a single movie for the Cannes Film Festival.

A TV-14 edit of the episode was officially released on YouTube alongside Part 2 for a limited time for National Donut Day in early June 2017 and again in August.


"My log has a message for you."
Margaret Lanterman

Cooper sits in the Red Room across from Laura Palmer, who tells him "I'll see you again in 25 years. Meanwhile," and she makes a gesture with her hands.

Twenty-five years later, an aged Cooper without his FBI lapel pin sits across from a man resembling the Giant, who points his attention to the sounds of a phonograph. He then says "It is in our house now," and "It all cannot be said aloud now." He then tells Cooper to remember "430" and "Richard and Linda. Two birds with one stone." He tells Cooper that he "is far away," and Cooper disappears.

Joe delivers shovels to Lawrence Jacoby.

In New York City, Sam Colby watches a glass box with cameras pointed at it. He changes the SD card in one of the cameras when an intercom calls for him to do so. He sits back down until he is called out for a delivery from Tracey Barberato, who has brought him coffee. She asks to go back into the room with him, but with the security guard watching, he tells her she cannot. When he puts in the code to re-enter the room, she tries looking over his shoulder, but he catches her doing so. Tracey leaves and Sam goes back into the room with his coffee, sitting back down to watch the glass box.

Benjamin Horne tells Beverly Paige to give a refund to a Mrs. Houseman for two nights of her stay after a skunk was in the hotel. Ben's brother, Jerry loudly enters and Ben introduces them and dismisses Beverly. Jerry sits down and the brothers briefly talk.

Lucy Brennan sits at her desk at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department and a man in a suit comes, wishing to speak to Sheriff Truman. When Lucy asks whether he wants to speak about insurance with the Sheriff Truman who is sick or the Sheriff Truman who is fishing, he admits that he does not know. He gives her his card and leaves.

Agent Cooper's doppelganger walks to a house, where he incapacitates a guard. He goes inside, where he greets Otis, in the room also are a thin man and a small disabled man in a wheelchair. The guard enters and tries to attack him, but he knocks him out. Buella enters and the doppelganger asks her for Ray and Darya. She calls them out and they leave with the doppelganger.

Sam changes another camera's card and is brought another delivery of coffee from Tracey. When they find that the guard is not present, Sam takes Tracey into the room. He admits that he does not know who owns the building and says that his job is to watch the glass box for something to appear inside. After sitting down to watch the box, they begin to make out and soon after they start having sex, a ghostly figure appears in the box. The figure breaks out and slaughters them.

In an apartment complex in Buckhorn, South Dakota, Marjorie Green goes down the hallway with her dog, Armstrong, who notices a smell coming from the apartment of Ruth Davenport. Marjorie goes to her apartment to report this to the authorities. Police officers Olson and Douglas arrive to investigate. They ask her about any individual that may have a key to Ruth's apartment. They call a locksmith and she soon leads them on a search for the building's maintenance man, Hank Fillmore, who thinks they are there on a call for a crime he committed. Marjorie then reveals that she had a key to the apartment all along. Olson and Douglas search the apartment and find a dead body in the bedroom.

Hank questions Harvey, believing he sent the police to him and they discuss a deal they made until Harvey hangs up.

Constance Talbot investigates the crime scene as pictures are taken. Detective Dave Macklay arrives and they pull the sheets off of the body, which instead is a male body that does not belong to the head.

A fragile Margaret Lanterman calls the sheriff's department for Deputy Chief Hawk. She tells him that her log has a message for him: "Something is missing and you have to find it," and that this relates to Agent Cooper. She says that the way he will find it has something to do with Hawk's heritage.

Talbot analyzes fingerprints found at the crime scene. Upon finding a match, she calls in Detective Macklay. She confirms to him that the head belongs to Ruth Davenport, but there is no match on the body, which belongs to a male. She also says shows that the fingerprints found at the scene belong to Bill Hastings, the principal at the local high school.

Macklay goes to the Hastings home, where he arrests Bill.

Hawk brings files to the conference room. Andy and Lucy enter and Hawk explains to them about what the Log Lady told him.

Macklay interrogates Bill with Detective Don Harrison and Police Chief Mike Boyd observing. Hastings says that he did not really know Ruth Davenport, who was the librarian at the school, and he had last seen her a couple months ago. Hastings' story lines up until there is a 45 to 50-minute gap in his activities. He hesitates and says that he had taken his assistant, Betty home during that time after a meeting. He nervously requests to speak to his lawyer before Macklay reveals to him that Ruth Davenport had been murdered and Hastings' fingerprints were found in the apartment. Hastings is then escorted out to a cell and he asks to speak to his wife, Phyllis.

Macklay and Harrison go to the Hastings home with a group of police officers with a warrant to search Bill's home and car. Inside the latter, they find a piece of flesh.

The man resembling the Giant watches the phonograph.

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  • Geoffrey Gould as Forensic Photographer[1]
  • Michael McGee as Businessman [citation needed]
  • Steven James Tingus as Disabled Cousin[2]
  • Unknown performer as Screaming Girl (Pilot stock footage)
  • Unknown performer as Camera Voice over
  • Unknown perfomer as Cabin guard
  • Unknown performer as Thin Cousin

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See: Twin Peaks (2017) § Production staff

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"American Woman (David Lynch Remix)"
  • Written by Kallie North, Jessyca Wilson, Jason White, and Butch Walker
  • Performed by Muddy Magnolias
  • Published by Warner, Chappell, Hanging Vine (BMI), EMI April Music Inc. (ASCAP)
"Sub Dream"
"Frank 2000"

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The filming of Sam and Tracy's brutal murder by the Experiment was achieved by spraying actors Ben Rosenfield and Madeline Zima with blood from a hose as the camera zoomed in on them. A further "dry" take was also done without the blood at the suggestion of Zima, though the final cut of the episode uses the blood take. Lynch initially planned to also bat them in the face with two large blue balls on sticks, but these are absent from behind-the-scenes footage of the take and Lynch is only shown directing the scene. Neither actor was told or shown what exactly they were reacting to, and all further effects work of the Experiment's attack was done in post-production.[3][4]

Sam and Tracy's coffee cups are rather obviously empty, based on how they are held by Ben Rosenfield and Madeline Zima. This, along with several other instances in The Return of characters carrying and handling cups that are very clearly empty, earned Twin Peaks an "Empty Cup Award," a satirical award from the online magazine Slate which draws attention to this phenomenon in modern TV.[5]

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Twin Peaks The Return Part 1 (TV14) SHOWTIME

Twin Peaks The Return Part 1 (TV14) SHOWTIME

A TV-14 version of the episode—edited for language and sexual content—was released for the American region on YouTube for a limited time in observance of National Donut Day in early June 2017. It was later released again on August 8, 2017.


  • Lynch considers the piece of meat discovered in the car as just a piece of meat and nothing specific like a tongue or a kidney.[6]