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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.
Not to be confused with Episode 14.

"Part 14" is the fourteenth episode of the 2017 series of Twin Peaks and the forty-fourth episode of the franchise as a whole. It aired on August 13, 2017.


"We are like the dreamer."
Monica Bellucci

In Buckhorn, South Dakota, Cole calls the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department. Lucy Brennan answers, recognizing Cole's voice and she connects him to Frank. After Cole expects Harry, Frank explains his brother's whereabouts and tells him about the pages from Laura Palmer's diary that were found that suggested the existence of two Coopers.

Albert tells Preston about the first Blue Rose case, with which Cole and Jeffries were involved and was the namesake of the task force. Cole enters, followed by Diane. Cole asks her if Cooper mentioned Major Garland Briggs the last time they saw each other, which she confirms. Albert explains the fate of Briggs, noting Dougie Jones' ring found in Briggs stomach. Diane recognizes the name Janey-E as belonging to her half-sister, who is married to a Douglas Jones in Las Vegas. Tammy calls the FBI in Las Vegas and Cole tells them that the Joneses are wanted in relation to a double homicide. Diane leaves and Cole informs Albert and Tammy about the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department's find.

He then tells them about a dream he had about Monica Bellucci, who, in the dream, he met at a cafe, where Cooper was, but Cole could not see his face. They had coffee and Monica said "we are like the dreamer who dreams and lives inside the dream," which Cole understood. This was followed by "but who is the dreamer?" He says that Monica indicated him to look back and he saw himself on February 16, 1989, the day of Jeffries' brief re-appearance, and particularly notes Jeffries asking who he thought Cooper was.

Bobby, Hawk, Andy, and Frank arrest Chad for his criminal activities. Bobby then leads the way to Jack Rabbit's Palace and they follow the instructions left by the Major. They move further through the woods and see a nude eyeless woman. A portal forms above them and Andy is transported inside after holding the woman's hand. He appears before a tall man, who calls himself the Fireman. Andy is shown a white figure regurgitating BOB, Woodsmen, a high school girl screaming, Laura, angels, the eyeless woman, two Coopers, a telephone, himself and Lucy, and a utility pole before being transported back out. He appears back at Jack Rabbit's Palace, where the other lawmen wait. He carries the woman and tells them that she is important and must be kept under their watch.

Andy and Lucy help the woman settle in a jail cell as Chad yells out insults. Andy and Lucy leave and the woman makes noises, repeated by a drunk in another cell, much to Chad's annoyance.

James and Freddie take a break at their job, the latter displaying the strength in his gloved hand. James inquires about the glove, which Freddie says is a "part of him" and that he cannot remove it without bleeding. He explains that after having an epiphany, he was transported into a void and encountered the Fireman, who told him of the glove that would give his right hand an immense power. He was told to go to Twin Peaks to find his destiny. James then enters the Great Northern Hotel's furnace room and hears a noise.

Sarah goes to a bar, where she is propositioned by a trucker. She refuses his advances, but when he persists and makes threats, she opens her face – revealing darkness behind it – and takes a bite out of his throat, killing him.

At the Roadhouse, Sophie and Megan discuss Billy, who was seen in the yard of Megan and her mother, Tina, and who entered the kitchen, bleeding from his nose and mouth before suddenly leaving. Lissie performs "Wild West."

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"Wild Wild West"
Performed by Lissie
Written by Elisabeth Maurus and Curt Schneider
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