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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.
Not to be confused with Episode 17.

"Part 17" is the seventeenth episode of the 2017 series of Twin Peaks and the forty-seventh episode of the franchise as a whole. It aired on September 3, 2017.


"The past dictates the future."
Dale Cooper

In Buckhorn, Gordon, Albert, and Tammy make a toast to the Bureau. Gordon reveals a secret he has kept for 25 years – that before his disappearance, Major Briggs shared with Gordon and Cooper a discovery he made about an entity named Jowday which overtime became Judy. Phillip Jeffries also was aware of the entity and Cooper told Gordon to try and find him if he disappeared. He continues, saying that informant Ray Monroe stated that the doppelganger of Cooper was searching for coordinates.

Agent Headley calls Gordon to tell him that they caught up with Dougie Jones and Bushnell Mullins reads Cooper's coded message to Gordon, which reveals to him that Cooper is Dougie Jones. Tammy looks up Cooper's activities and Gordon says he knows where he is headed.

At the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department cell block, the drunk sleeps, but wakes up, much to Chad's annoyance. Naido makes sounds as she awakens, rousing James and Freddie and annoying Chad. She reaches up as she continues her noises, aped by the drunk. Meanwhile, Ben receives a phone call concerning his brother Jerry and his whereabouts.

The doppelganger reaches the woods outside Twin Peaks, arriving at the coordinates – the same location where the Sheriff's Department found Naido. A portal forms and he is transported to the Fireman's theater where Major Briggs' head floats. The Fireman levitates as the screen shows the Palmer home, then a road in front of the Sheriff's station, where the doppelganger is then transferred. Sensing this, Naido wakes up and the doppelganger approaches Andy, who mistakes him for the original Cooper. Chad removes a cell key from his boot and Andy brings Cooper inside, where he meets Lucy and Frank. Andy recalls the vision of himself and Lucy that the Fireman showed him.

Using a key he stashed in his boot, Chad leaves his cell and goes to the armory. The doppelganger goes to Frank's office as Andy gets Hawk. Chad loads a revolver and the drunk peels a bandage off his face. Andy reaches the cell block and Chad aims the revolver at him, taunting him. Freddie punches his cell door open, incapacitating Chad. Lucy then answers the phone at the front desk, and is startled upon hearing the caller identify himself.

The doppelganger tells Frank he is in Twin Peaks for unfinished business. Lucy transfers the call from the real Cooper to Frank as he arrives in Twin Peaks. Noticing Frank's stunned silence, the doppelganger draws his gun, as does Frank. But before either can shoot, the doppelganger is shot and apparently killed by Lucy, who remarks that she figured out how cell phones work.

Cooper advises Frank to stay away from the body as Andy brings Freddie, Naido, and James up to the office. Hawk comes and the room begins to darken as woodsmen go to the doppelganger's body to revive him. Cooper arrives with the Mitchum brothers and runs to the office as the woodsmen finish with the doppelganger and BOB – contained inside a black orb – is released from his body and attacks Cooper and Freddie, who punches him, sending him through the ground in a blaze. The orb containing BOB attacks again and Freddie punches it once more, breaking it into pieces.

Cooper places the ring on his doppelganger, who then disappears. The ring reaches the Black Lodge. Cooper receives his hotel room key from Frank, and Gordon arrives. Cooper notices Naido as Bobby arrives, Cooper commenting that Bobby's father was aware of the events taking place. Gordon, Albert, and Tammy enter, followed by Candie, Mandie, and Sandie.

Naido approaches Cooper and her face reveals the Lodge before peeling back and revealing Diane. They kiss and Diane tells Cooper that she remembers everything. Cooper's superimposed face says "We live inside a dream" and he says he hopes to see everyone there again.

The room darkens and Cooper, Diane, and Gordon walk through darkness. They walk through the Great Northern Hotel furnace room, following the sound. They reach a door and Cooper advises them not to follow him in.

He enters the door and meets Mike, who recites the "fire walk with me" chant before being transported to the convenience store. They reach the Dutchman's and meet with Jeffries to discuss the date February 23, 1989. He gives him instructions to find Judy and out of the steam, an Owl Cave symbol turns into two diamonds and then an 8. Cooper is transported out.

The night of her death, Laura leaves her home with James as Leland watches. Cooper is transported nearby Laura and James and when he is spotted by her, she screams.

After James starts to take her home, she jumps off the bike and after telling James she loves him, she runs off into the woods as James rides off. Leo, Ronette, and Jacques wait for Laura, but she encounters Cooper, recognizing him from a dream. He reaches out to her and she goes to him. Laura's body disappears from outside Blue Pine Lodge and Cooper tells Laura that they are going home. As Josie does her makeup, Pete kisses Catherine and goes fishing.

Sarah wails inside her home and she tries to destroy Laura's homecoming photo.

Cooper leads Laura through the woods, towards the portal at Blue Pine Mountain, but she disappears and he hears her screams.

Julee Cruise performs "The World Spins."

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"Sub Dream"
Written and performed by David Lynch and Dean Hurley
"The World Spins"
Music by Angelo Badalamenti
Lyrics by David Lynch
Performed by Julee Cruise