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"Part 7" is the seventh episode of the 2017 series of Twin Peaks and the thirty-seventh episode of the franchise as a whole. It aired on June 18, 2017.


"There's a body all right."
Dave Macklay
Jerry Horne wakes up in the woods, extremely stoned from his last bout of doing drugs. He calls Ben, frantically claiming someone stole his car and he does not know where he is.

At the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, Hawk shows Frank the pages he found in the bathroom door, which he discovered were three of the four missing pages from Laura's secret diary, which she gave to Harold Smith. One of the pages details an encounter Laura had with Annie Blackburn in a dream, where she told her that "the good Dale is in the lodge and can't leave." Another page details Laura knows "it isn't BOB," which Hawk sees as evidence that Leland found and hid the pages during one of his visits to the station, likely when he was being interrogated for the murder of Jacques Renault. Hawk is puzzled by the claim that Cooper could not leave the Lodge, as Harry himself saw Cooper leave the Black Lodge with Annie: the only explanation that whoever left the lodge was not "the good Cooper." Frank tries calling Harry to ask what he thinks, but decides against it after learning Harry's condition has gotten worse.

Andy interrogates a local farmer regarding his truck, the same one Richard Horne accidentally killed a young boy with earlier. The farmer refuses to explain who was driving the truck at the time of the incident, but arranges a meeting with Andy to explain everything.

Frank Skype-calls Doc Hayward, who is off fishing. Doc recalls that he brought Cooper into the hospital because he was acting "strange." An hour later he saw Cooper leaving Intensive Care, fully-dressed and with a strange expression. He ponders whether Cooper was checking in on Audrey Horne, who was still comatose after the bank explosion.

Lieutenant Cynthia Knox arrives in Buckhorn, where she meets with Detective Macklay. Initially treating the discovery of the prints as another by-the-books case, she is shocked to learn that Major Briggs' prints actually came from a body. Constance Talbot shows her the body, which she notes belonged to a man in his late 40s and died within the last few days. Lieutenant Knox calls Colonel Davis about this development, who points out that Major Briggs would have to be in his 70s if he died recently. Lieutenant Knox informs the Buckhorn staff that it will most likely not be their investigation for long. Meanwhile, a mysterious dark man walks past the morgue.

Albert reports to Gordon he could not get a word in to Diane about Cooper before she cursed him out. Gordon and Albert meet with Diane and a younger man at her apartment, where she coldly receives them. Gordon explains they need Diane to come to South Dakota to identify the imprisoned Cooper, as they suspect something is wrong with him. Diane reluctantly joins them.

On the flight to South Dakota, Tammy shows Gordon and Albert her analysis of the imprisoned Cooper's prints. Though they are a match, someone at the prison had to reverse the prints to get it: not only does the Cooper in prison say the backwards word "yrev," but his prints are also backwards. Gordon praises Tammy's hard work.

Diane arrives at the prison, where she meets with the doppelganger. Diane asks if he remembers the last night they saw each other, which the doppelganger correctly states was at her house. Easily realizing he is not the real Cooper, Diane becomes emotional and shuts down the meeting. On their way out, Gordon tells Warden Murphy to keep Cooper imprisoned until he hears from the FBI. Outside the prison, Diane tells Gordon that there is something missing from this Cooper that makes her certain it is not the Dale Cooper she knew. Gordon asks her what happened when she and Cooper last met, which she states she will tell him about some other time. As the doppelgänger is led back to his cell, he tells a guard to tell Warden Murphy he needs a meeting with him in his office "about a strawberry."

Andy waits at the meeting place for the farmer, who is over a half-an-hour late. Unbeknownst to him, the farmer's truck is still at his house with the door wide open. His informant a no-show, Andy leaves.

The doppelganger meets with Warden Murphy, who threatens him with a gun. The doppelgänger informs him about the dog legs: one was in his trunk, the other three were sent out to people who could pose a threat to Warden Murphy if anything bad were to happen to the doppelganger. When Murphy asks how the doppelganger how he knows about this, he names "Joe McCluskey." Murphy puts down the gun and asks what he wants. The doppelganger requests a car for himself and Ray Monroe with "a friend in the glove compartment" that night. He tells Warden Murphy that he will never see him again, and no one will ever hear anything more about Joe McCluskey or "Mr. Strawberry."

As Janey-E waits outside the office, Cooper scribbles on his desk while Anthony Sinclair tries to find out what he was talking to Bushnell Mullins about. A group of three detectives come in to ask him about Dougie's car, just as Janey-E comes in to retrieve him. Janey-E ends up holding the bulk of the conversation for Cooper. The detectives explain the car was involved in an explosion that killed some members of a car-theft gang. The detectives leave, somewhat intimidated by Janey-E.

As the couple leave the building, Janey-E tells Cooper that she settled the gambling debt, and notes that they will be using his jackpot money for Sonny Jim. Ike "the Spike" suddenly approaches them with a gun drawn. Cooper immediately springs into action, grabbing Ike's arm and sending it to the ground, where it harmlessly fires off a shot into the pavement. He then karate chops Ike's neck while Janey-E chokes the would-be assassin. The evolution of The Man From Another Place appears to Cooper, insisting that he "squeeze [Ike's] hand off!" Cooper ends up squeezing Ike's hand so much a piece of skin becomes stuck to the gun, before with another karate chop Ike painfully retreats. Various witnesses are interviewed about the incident, all expressing disbelief at Dougie Jones' actions. A forensic investigator removes the piece of Ike's skin from the gun.

At the Great Northern Hotel, Ben Horne and Beverly Paige try to find out where a mysterious ringing noise is coming from. Beverly then gives him an old Great Northern key that came in the mail, with Ben commenting they switched to cards long ago. He then realizes the key belongs to Room 315, the room Special Agent Dale Cooper was shot in. Beverly is ignorant about both Cooper and the murder of Laura Palmer, which Ben expresses amusement at. Beverly then returns to her home where she meets with her sick husband Tom. Tom is suspicious about her recent whereabouts, which frustrates Beverly.

At the Roadhouse, after all the customers have left, a man sweeps the floor while Jean-Michel Renault tends to the bar as Booker T & the M.G.'s "Green Onions" plays. Renault receives a call about two prostitutes he sent to a customer, only to learn that the prostitutes were fifteen years old. He denies any responsibility for wrongdoing.

The doppelganger makes his exit from the prison with Ray Monroe as Warden Murphy watches.

Late at night at the Double R Diner, Heidi and Shelly serve customers while Norma goes through some paperwork. A man runs in and asks if anyone has seen Billy before running out again.



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"Sleep Walk"
Written by Santo Farina, John Farina, and Ann Farina
Performed by Santo and Johnny
Used by permission of Carbet Music, Inc.
"Green Onions"
Written by Al Jackson Jr., Stephen Cropper, Booker T. Jones, and Lewie Steinberg
Performed by Booker T. and the M.G.'s
Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.


  • This episode was dedicated to the memory of Warren Frost.
  • The floor sweeping scene was unscripted.[1]
  • The customers change during the credits was intentionally made by Lynch but Frost is unaware of the meaning.[3]

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  • Gordon Cole makes a mistake when quoting Cooper's Double, saying "I'm very very happy to see you again old friend" although the actual line was "It's yrev very good to see you again old friend".
  • The closed captioning erroneously indicates that Bing asks for "Bing," instead of "Billy."[1] This was later fixed in the DVD and Blu-ray releases.