The Pentagon was a United States military establishment.

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On July 30, 1969, Cooper encountered Star and his companion April as he traveled back on foot after a Boy Scouts jamboree. They drove a VW bus and were on their way to Washington, D.C. to chain themselves to the door of the Pentagon and allowed Dale to stay with them for part of the trip. After Cooper left them, they eventually reached the Pentagon, but had a fight and parted ways.[1]

In 2016, at the Pentagon, Lieutenant Cynthia Knox informed Colonel Davis that they have received a match on Major Garland Briggs' fingerprints – the sixteenth match in 25 years – in Buckhorn, South Dakota. Davis doubted the legitimacy of the match but says that if it was indeed truly Briggs that was identified, that the FBI must be informed.[2]

Knox that Major Briggs' prints actually came from a body. Constance Talbot showed her the body, which she noted belonged to a man in his late 40s and died within the last few days. Lieutenant Knox call Colonel Davis about this development, who pointed out that Major Briggs would have to be in his 70s if he died recently.[3]

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The establishing shot of the Pentagon at night is stock footage.[4]

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