"Off in dreamland again, huh, Dougie? Get the lead out, pal, staff meeting starts in three minutes."[src]

Phil Bisby was an associate at Lucky 7 Insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Bisby habitually made coffee runs before the insurance firm's morning meetings. One day in September 2016, he spotted Dale Cooper milling in the lobby and, mistaking him for coworker Dougie Jones, reminded him that their meeting was about to begin. Lured into the elevator, Cooper demanded one of the coffees and Phil gave him Frank's, reasoning that Frank rarely finished his. On their floor, Phil had to repeatedly coax Cooper to continue when he was distracted by another employee.[1]

During the meeting, Frank was annoyed to see that Cooper had taken his coffee, and Phil apologized, explaining that he had really wanted it. Instead, he gave Frank a green tea latte, which Frank discovered he loved. As the meeting got underway, Cooper continued to stand off to the side, drinking. Finally, at Bushnell Mullins' annoyed commands, Phil stood and helped the silent Cooper into his seat.[1]

After the meeting, Phil and another staffer walked Cooper into Bushnell Mullins' office, as Cooper had stepped out of line by accusing Anthony Sinclair of fabricating a claim.[1]

The next morning, Phil again had to coax Cooper out of the elevator, and then put down his coffees to walk him into Mullins' office.[2]

Later that week, Mullins asked Phil over the intercom to bring Dougie to his office. Phil did so by walking backwards while holding a tray of coffees, while Cooper followed with his arms outstretched.[3]

On October 2, FBI Special Agent Randall Headley and other agents came to the insurance office looking for Dougie Jones, and Phil told them Dougie was comatose at a nearby hospital. After they left, Phil called Mullins to report the situation.[4]

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