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An unidentified Polish accountant with Zawaski Accounting, Inc. lived on Lancelot Court in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The accountant returned home one October to find Gary and Chantal Hutchens parked in front of his house, and knocked on their window to tell them their van was blocking his driveway. They irately said they were nowhere near the driveway, and Chantal told the man "Go fuck yourself!" The accountant said that he would move the car, then got back in and accelerated into the Hutchens' van, trying to push them out of the way. Furious, Chantal shot at him from the drivers' seat, but missed. The accountant ran to the trunk of his car and, unseen by the Hutchenses, withdrew a machine pistol and shot Chantal in the shoulder. Screaming, Chantal rammed into the accountant's car and tried to make an escape while Gary returned fire with a shotgun.[1]

The accountant fired at the van as it passed, killing Chantal instantly. He continued firing as it sped away, eventually killing Gary as well. Moments later, FBI agent Wilson, who had been staking out the Jones home across the street, emerged from his vehicle and shouted for the accountant to put down his gun. He complied, putting his hands in the air, while Wilson signaled for backup.[1]


  • The machine pistol used by the accountant is a Glock 17 semi-automatic converted to full-auto. It can be distinguished from the Glock 18 (manufactured as a full-auto) by the lack of a selector switch on the slide, the 18's major identifying characteristic which sets it apart from all other Glock models.

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