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Preston King was an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who was involved with Jean Renault's drug business.


In March 1989, King entered the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station with FBI Special Agent Roger Hardy, who informed Special Agent Dale Cooper of his suspension from the FBI.[1]

He observed as Hardy questioned Cooper in relation to his visits to One Eyed Jacks and told the latter that he had interfered in a drug bust operation, leading to suspicion that Cooper was involved in the drug trade.[1]

Back in Canada, King was introduced to Ernie Niles by Jean Renault, who announced to him that Niles was the new broker in the drug operation. He brought in a supply of drugs to frame Agent Cooper and Niles went to the casino with Hank Jennings. King expressed his doubt in Niles, finding him to be too nervous.[1]

At a drug buy at Dead Dog Farm with Ernie and a buyer from Seattle, smoke emitted from Ernie's shirt, revealing him to have been wearing a wire. King and Renault held the men at gunpoint until Agent Cooper came, offering himself in exchange for the two.[2]

Later, King watched as the farmhouse was surrounded by lawmen, suggesting that he and Renault run. Wishing to diffuse the situation, he saw a woman dressed as a waitress approach the house. She – DEA agent Denise Bryson – was allowed entry and subdued King while providing a gun to Cooper, which was used to kill Renault.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

King was played by Gavan O'Herlihy, the son of Dan O'Herlihy, who played Andrew Packard.

The character's name is derived from the radio and television series, Challenge of the Yukon, later retitled Sergeant Preston of the Yukon. The name 'Preston' is taken from the series' protagonist, Sgt. Frank Preston, and 'King' from his Alaskan husky sidekick, Yukon King.[3]