"You know, I was thinking... maybe I'll let you kiss me now, handsome."[src]

Rhonda was an associate at Lucky 7 Insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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One day in September 2016, Rhonda prepared for a morning meeting. She sat down next to Darren, who asked if she had seen the note he left for her. Brushing him off, she said that she hadn't, and suggested he talk to his wife.[1]

Later in the day, Rhonda came across "Dougie Jones" (actually Dale Cooper), bent over in the middle of the hallway and trying not to urinate. Assuming he had been locked out of the men's room, she walked Cooper over to the women's restroom and let him inside, but not before jokingly suggesting that, in his impaired state, she might let him kiss her. Rhonda leaned against the door, laughing to herself as she heard Dougie's groans of relief.[1]

The next day, three detectives from the Las Vegas MPD arrived to question Dougie. Rhonda entered Cooper's office to report their arrival, prompting Anthony Sinclair to quickly excuse himself. She motioned with her hands for Cooper to come with her, but he simply mimicked her gesture. Rhonda assumed that he was asking for them to come to him instead, and left to escort them over.[2]

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