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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.

Richard was a guest at the Pearblossom Motel and Linda's former partner.

Biography Edit

The Fireman told Dale Cooper to remember the names "Richard and Linda."[1]

After checking into the motel and spending the night with Diane Evans, Dale Cooper awoke to find that Diane had disappeared. Cooper found a letter from Linda to Richard, explaining that she had left him and asking him not to look for her.[2]

Behind the scenes Edit

Richard's relationship to Dale Cooper is unclear. The circumstances in which the motel room letter is found suggest that Dale and Diane have replaced, or become, Richard and Linda respectively since crossing over.

Kyle MacLachlan interpreted Richard as a distinct character, explaining: "The way it was described to me, [Richard is] just a little harder. So it was another variation, sort of a subtle variation obviously, compared to [impaired Cooper and the doppelganger], but a subtle variation of Cooper. And so that was that last hour, watching him navigate that."[3]

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References Edit

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