Robert Jacoby was the long-time editor of the Twin Peaks Gazette (later renamed the Twin Peaks Post) until his death. He was close friends with Margaret Lanterman and was the older brother of Lawrence Jacoby. He was also the author of Oh, What a Tangled Web...


Robert was born in Twin Peaks and was a school friend of Maggie Coulson. He moved to Hawaii in 1939, as his father Richard was stationed there with the United States Navy. The next year, his parents divorced and he returned to Washington with Richard, while his younger brother Lawrence and his mother Esther stayed in Hawaii.[1]

He later built a career as a journalist and later editor of the Twin Peaks Gazette, later renamed Twin Peaks Post by Douglas Milford. In 1984, the Twin Peaks town council commissioned him to write Oh, What a Tangled Web..., in which he chronicled the history of the town.[1]

Following his death from complications from multiple sclerosis, his ashes were scattered at Pearl Lakes, while his brother kept some of them to scatter in the bay with their mother's remains in Hawaii.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The images displayed for Robert in The Secret History of Twin Peaks are of Russ Tamblyn, who plays Lawrence Jacoby in Twin Peaks. His lines in the audiobook edition are read by Ari Fliakos.


  • Jacoby's death is first stated in the book to have occurred in 1969, weeks after the moon landing. However, many articles written by him appear to have been published after that date, and he is once again stated to have died, except on the significantly different date of November 19, 1986.