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"There is one woman in the class. A person of great drive, beauty, and excellent marksmanship."

Dale Cooper[src]

Robin Masters was an agent of the FBI who attended the FBI Academy with Dale Cooper. She was the first woman to be honored as a valedictorian at the academy.


At the academy, Masters was partnered with Dale Cooper during a simulation of a hostage situation on September 26, 1977. During the exercise, Cooper made a mistake that would have cost Masters her life had it not been a simulation. Masters later joined Cooper in the academy's hall of honor as he reflected on the failed training exercise.[1]

Masters was given valedictorian honors at hers and Cooper's graduation, the first woman to do so. Cooper noted that she was given the honor instead of him because of "her masterful use of the machine gun."[1]

Following graduation, Masters was assigned to San Francisco to work in drug interdiction. Before she departed, she and Cooper went to a shooting range together and shared a kiss.[1]

By May 1986, Masters was assigned to the white collar crime division. That month, Cooper visited San Francisco and the two visited another shooting range.[1]