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Roger Hardy was an FBI agent working for Internal Affairs who temporarily suspended Dale Cooper from the bureau.


Cooper's Suspension from the FBI[]

In March 1989, Hardy entered the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station with RCMP Officer Preston King to inform Special Agent Dale Cooper of his suspension from the FBI.[1]

He questioned Cooper's activity in Canada, specifically the rescue of Audrey Horne and Cooper's motives behind this operation and the deaths that occurred within proximity of his visits to One Eyed Jacks. He said that the DEA would be investigating due to the links to a drug operation and asked for Cooper's badge and gun. After Cooper left, Hardy requested Sheriff Harry S. Truman's cooperation, but the sheriff said that he was completely on Agent Cooper's side.[1]

The next day, Hardy questioned Cooper's defense, but the suspended agent had none, insisting that he was innocent and willing to appear in court if necessary. Hardy suggested he support himself, but Cooper was unflappable. Roger told him that the next step of the case would be determined by the Canadian government and the DEA.[2]


Hardy went to the Double R Diner and ordered a slice of pie, commenting to the owner, Norma Jennings, that he had been quite looking forward to the pie.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Hardy was played by Clarence Williams III, best known for his role as Linc Hayes in the television series The Mod Squad, in which Peggy Lipton also starred. The scene he and Norma Jennings share was likely an intentional The Mod Squad reunion.