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This article contains plot spoilers for Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier.

Run Silent, Run Drapes was a drapes store in Twin Peaks, Washington.


Owned by Nadine Hurley, the shop sold silent drapes, presumably constructed with the method accidentally discovered by her husband years prior.[1]

While running books in the back office of the store, Nadine discovered online "Dr. Amp's" nightly rants, a podcast hosted by her former therapist Lawrence Jacoby. She was hooked immediately and embraced the entire Dr. Amp lifestyle; she religiously followed the podcast in her office every night.[2][3]

By late 2016, Nadine had bought herself a mail-order golden shovel, and a few more for people on her Christmas list, and installed one of the shovels like a holy relic in the display window of her drapery store.[4] While driving by Run Silent, Run Drapes on one of his weekly nocturnal supply runs[3], Dr. Jacoby saw the spotlight golden shovel Nadine had proudly hanged in her store window and stopped by to visit his former client. She expressed her admiration for his program and he recounted the last time he had seen her seven years prior at a supermarket during a storm. The two shared a flirtatious glance.[5]