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Rusty Tomasky was a youth murdered by Windom Earle.


Tomasky was passing through Twin Peaks in March 1989, while on his way to a gig with his band.[1] He met Windom Earle, who took him to a cabin, promising him beer and a party.[2]

Rusty listened to Windom Earle's story about a good place called the White Lodge and an evil place called the Black Lodge. However, he became restless, wanting the beer and party that he had been promised. Earle dismissed his worries by asking for his patience.[2]

Later, Earle called for a celebration. However, Rusty was stuck inside of a chess pawn structure, so he drank beer poured directly into his mouth by Leo Johnson. He asked how he would get out of the pawn, to which Earle responded that he would not, then got out a crossbow. He had a reluctant Leo fetch him an arrow and Earle then fired the arrow into Rusty, killing him.[2]

Rusty Tomasky's corpse

Later in the evening, Rusty's body was found by the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department in a gazebo at the park.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Rusty was listed in the credits as Heavy Metal Youth and was portrayed by actor, director, and writer Ted Raimi, most famous for his involvement in the Evil Dead comedy-horror series.