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Sam Colby was a young man who was hired in New York City to watch a mysterious glass box.


Sam took the job of watching a glass box to help pay for school, and at some point, he became well-acquainted with Tracey Barberato. One evening, he was at work, watching the box and after changing the SD card in a camera that filmed the box, he got a delivery of coffee from Tracey. She asked to go back into the room with him, but with a security guard present, he told her she could not. When he went back in, he caught her trying to look over his shoulder as he entered the door code on a keypad.[1]

He received another delivery from her not long after, and this time, the security guard was not anywhere to be seen, so Sam took Tracey into the room with him. After a few moments of watching the box and drinking their coffee, they began to make out. As they began to engage in sex, a ghostly figure appeared in the box and broke through to relentlessly slaughter them.[1]



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