September 25 is the 268th day of the year (269th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.

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  • 2016
    • The real Cooper arrives at a building in the purple sea, where he encounters Naido and witnesses the face of Garland Briggs floating in space. The American girl tells him to exit through the wall outlet before her mother arrives.[3]
    • 2:53 p.m. MST – The doppelganger, struggling to resist being returned to the Lodge, gets in a car crash. He vomits up creamed corn and blood before losing consciousness.[3]
    • In Rancho Rosa, Dougie Jones finishes a tryst with Jade, who goes to shower. Dougie realizes his arm has gone numb and then becomes violently ill. He is pulled into the waiting room, where he is transformed into a gold ball. MIKE collects the ball and the ring Dougie wore.[3]
    • Dale exits the Lodge and arrives in the room where Dougie was, in a catatonic state. Jade, taking him for Dougie, struggles to get him dressed out and the door. As they drive out of the neighborhood, Gene and Jake attempt to assassinate him but fail, instead placing a bomb on Dougie's car.[3]
    • Billy and his partner find the evil Cooper's car, and one of them becomes physically ill from exposure to the vomit.[3]
    TP The Return - Part 3
    • Jade drops Cooper off at the Silver Mustang Casino and gives him money to call for help. Wandering through the main floor, Cooper notices strange flickering lights over certain slot machines and begins playing, winning a Mega Jackpot on each attempt. This continues until he has won $425,000.[3]
    • Night – Cooper runs into Dougie's friends Bill and Candy Shaker, who reveal to him where Dougie lives. The casino supervisor Burns, appalled at how much money he has won, gives Cooper his winnings and tells him to come back soon, before sending him home in a limo.[4]
    • At the home in Lancelot Court, Dougie's wife Janey-E storms out and berates Cooper for disappearing on her and missing Sonny Jim's birthday. She softens when she realizes how much money he has won, enough to "pay them back."[4]
    • Over the phone, Lorraine berates Gene and Jake for failing to kill Dougie, then sends a text signal to a device in Buenos Aires.[5]

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