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September 26 is the 269th day of the year (270th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.


  • 1973Dale Cooper awakens from a dream in which he could hear Marie Schlurman arguing with death from behind a closed door, pleading that she wasn't ready.[1]
  • 1977 – After a mistake during a hostage rescue exercise that would have placed his partner Robin in grave danger, Cooper contemplates his decision to join the FBI. They mutually agree not to act on their attraction to one another.[1]
  • 1987Andrew Packard supposedly dies when his speedboat Josie explodes in its boathouse.[2]
  • 1988 – In Philadelphia, Cooper records a tape for Diane, reflecting sadly on the changes in his childhood neighborhood.[1]
  • 2016

    Cooper's first day at Lucky 7 Insurance

    • Janey-E drives Cooper to work at Lucky 7 Insurance. Lost and confused, he follows Phil Bisby up the conference in exchange for more coffee. During the meeting, Cooper senses that Anthony Sinclair is lying but cannot explain further. In response, Bushnell Mullins gives him a set of files to review at home.[5]
    • At the Silver Mustang Casino, Bradley and Rodney Mitchum discipline Burns for allowing Cooper to win over $425,000 at the slot machines, and tell Warrick to report to them if he ever shows up there again.[5]
    • In Rancho Rosa, a boy goes across the street to examine the device on Dougie Jones' car. A gang of car thieves show up and inadvertently set off the bomb, killing three of them.[5]
    • Authorities clean up at the scene of Dougie's destroyed car, discovering his license plate on the opposite home's roof.[6]
    • While washing Jade's car, an auto detailer finds the Great Northern Hotel key that Cooper dropped. Jade puts it in a nearby mailbox.[5]
    • NightDale Cooper stands in the plaza outside the office, fixated on the statue. Officer Reynaldo eventually finds him and drives him home. Janey-E apologizes for forgetting to pick him up, and says she wants to take him to the doctor.[5][6]
    • Janey-E is furious to find an envelope from Dougie's blackmailers showing him with Jade. When they call, she arranges to pay them off the next day at 12:30. Left alone, Cooper again sees Mike, who begs him to wake up and "don't die." Guided by points of light, he makes strange drawings on Sinclair's insurance forms.[6]


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