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September 30 is the 273rd day of the year (274th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.


  • 2016
    • The FBI agents along with Detective Macklay and William Hastings visit 2240 Sycamore, where Hastings and Ruth Davenport previously entered the zone. Cole sees a tunnel in the sky leading to a staircase where several bearded men stand waiting. He and Albert Rosenfield then find Ruth's headless body, and photograph the coordinates written on her arm. One of the woodsmen approaches Macklay's car, and moments later Hastings' head is caved in.[2]
    • Dale Cooper, Rodney and Bradley Mitchum, and the girls perform a conga line through the Lucky 7 Insurance office and present several gifts to Bushnell Mullins. Horrified, Anthony Sinclair calls Duncan Todd and is told to eliminate Cooper within the next day.[3]
    • The Mitchums deliver a brand new gym set and a convertible to the Jones home.[3]
    • Detectives Fusco match Dougie Jones' prints to an escaped ex-FBI convict in South Dakota and, believing it to be an error, throw the report in the trash. Sinclair meets with Detective Clark and arranges to purchase aconitine with which to poison Jones.[3]
    • Macklay and Agent Preston bring coffee and donuts for Cole, Rosenfield, and Diane. Diane mentions seeing one of the strange homeless men near Macklay's car. Rosenfield shows them the coordinates from Ruth's arm.[2]

    The Blue Rose meeting




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