"Reno, Nevada. Diane, last saw Dad with a tall blonde in a red dress the size of a postage stamp, leaning over a roulette table. I believe he was telling her that a crater on the moon was named after him."

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Shamrock was the third wife of Dale Cooper's father.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Shamrock was an alumnus of Bryn Mawr College, where she majored in Germanic languages.[1]

Mr. Cooper met Shamrock at a casino in Reno while he was accompanying his son to San Francisco for his new FBI posting. After he and Dale were separated, Dale found his father after dawn the next morning and found that he and Shamrock had been married for three hours. They parted ways with Dale, intending to spend their honeymoon at a sauna atop the Continental Divide.[1]

Over the next few years, Shamrock apparently lost all but three of her toes in an accident and instituted a fruit-only diet for herself and Dale's father. In 1988, after he was hospitalized for a faulty heart valve, Mr. Cooper told Dale that he intended to sell the family print shop and leave Philadelphia with Shamrock. At last word, the two were looking to buy a retired tugboat in Florida.[1]

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