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Susan Hurley was a writer and the mother of James Hurley.


Hurley was a prolific writer of poems and short stories[1] and sometimes contributed to the local newspaper in Twin Peaks, Washington.[2] She married Billy Hurley, with whom she had a son, James.[3]

When James was ten, Billy left the family. Subsequently, Susan became dependent on alcohol and would engage in flings with various men.[1]

James' mother appears in a scene found in the original scripts for both "Episode 4" and "Episode 10". In the scene, she returned home to her son after a four-day absence and noticed that James was particularly moody, which she correctly guessed was due to girl problems. James told her about Laura, and she told him that one never knows when a woman is "an angel or a harpie sent from hell to rend your heart." James told her that Laura was both.[4][5]

She returned home under the influence one day in March 1989, infuriating her son.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

James' mother originally appears as Colleen Hurley in a scene that is present in the scripts for both "Episode 4" and "Episode 10". Evidence of the scene remains in "Episode 10" with a scene where James goes to Maddy Ferguson, frustrated by the encounter with his mother in the deleted scene. This scene was filmed, with actress Linda Carlson in the role,[7] but it was cut due to time constraints.[8] The scene has never been released in any form.

As of The Secret History of Twin Peaks, she was given the name Susan.